We adhere to the following principles:
  • A job well done is determined by the customer.
  • We treat customers the way we "wood" want to be treated.
  • There's always somewhere that can be improved. 
  • "There are old loggers and bold loggers, but no old, bold loggers."
  • It's better to ask permission than beg forgiveness.
Back in 2002 my Dad ventured from high-end, fine carpentry into logging with horses. Being an 11-year-old boy at that time, the Michigan outdoors - especially the woods - called me. My Dad and I logged together for approximately eight years and included tree climbing/removal for the latter three years. In 2011 we moved to northern Indiana and I was employed as an electric motor repair technician for several years before I decided to step out on my own at the end of 2016.
Not long before this I stepped into another new adventure by marrying my wife Heidi in 2014. We enjoy the fullness of life together. It’s been said, and we’ve experienced, that to have a friend through life doubles your joys and divides your griefs. We live in a friendly neighborhood of Goshen, Indiana, and are a part of the church at Victory Christian Fellowship near New Paris. As our family continues to grow we enjoy watching birds, visiting our friends and neighbors, and spending any moment outdoors we can - together. We are pictured below.
Diverse experiences throughout these years have taught me to appreciate a job well done for both myself and others. Today we strive to provide our community with friendly, efficient, and quality tree removal and trimming, stump grinding, and snow removal.

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